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    May 18, 2013
    11:00 - 11:35pm EDT  

commuter nightmare. two trips collide, injuring dozens and leaving severe damage in its wake. the new problems for northeast riders. >> federal investigators right now in connecticut inspecting the scene of a commuter train crash. officials say it could take days before sections of that track reopens. >> reporter: investigators are searching for evidence that will help them determine what caused two commuter train os to collide in bridgeport, connecticut. the national transportation safety board is investigating a
fractured rail. >> we're trying to understand not just what happened but why it happened and determining whyways to prevent it from happening again. >> -- >> reporter: several cars of the metro north train derailed and collided with a train coming the opposite way. more than 0eu were injured. >> the damage is absolutely staggering. to bees of metal tossed around likely toys. the inside of the cars are shattered. >> reporter: once investigators finish collecting what they need, crews will remove the damaged trains, and then the tracks will need to be repaired. >> reporter: the blocked tracks are causing travel problems. this is a very business corridor on the route from new york to boston. commuters are worried about monday morning. >> how aim going to be able to get to work? >> reporter: so far, officials have not said how long it will take to reopen the tracks in
this area. >> we're learning 4 tracks are in the area where the are train accident happened. the crash closed two of them. the other two or we're out service, undergoing some upgrades. 60 people in virginia are hurt after a car drives through a group of hikers. the crash happened in damascus. witnesses say that an elderly man was behind the wheel. early investigations show the man may have suffered a medical emergency right before the crash. the details in this case are still unfolding. it was a big event in baltimore today. the city was the center of the horse racing world with the running of the preakness stakes. mark viviano has more on the surprise finish and the big party. >> reporter: 117,000 fans packed pinlico race course, providing the infield fashion
and all-out fun with concerts, concessions, and cash. nearly $82 million wagered on the stars of the show. >> they're off in the preakness. >> reporter: kentucky derby win and preakness favorite orb started on the far inside rail and never got up to his expected speed. mean while, oxbow broke out in front and never looked back. a 15 to 1 long shotting, oxbow, who finished 6th in the kentucky derby, is the best in ballet bhoash ending orb's hopes for a triple crown. >> i think so many people were hopeing. we had a lot of people behind us. t i'm disappointed in that respect. >> reporter: the jockey is hall of famer gary stevens, 50 years old. he came out of retirement this year and ends up preakness winner for the third time in his career. >> i'm not going to lie to you. to win a classic at 50 years old after 7 years retirement,
it doesn't get any better than this. this is super, super sweet. >> reporter: for dwayne liu qans his 15th win in a triple crown race. and it was a long time between big wins for the 77-year-old trainer. >> i never thought i left. maybe i did. >> reporter: orb leaves baltimore disappointed, heading back to his home base in new york. oxbow returns home to kentucky, a decision to be made about whether he runs the belmont stakes. >> the attendance of more than 117,000 was the fourth-largest crowd in preakness history. a scary scene on interstate 83 when a limo is on fire on the side of the highway. baltimore county fire officials say the wheel well caught fire and flames could be seen coming out of the back of the
limousine. luckily, no injuries were reported. police are investigating a slaying in baltimore county. police say man killed a woman inside her home that entried to kill himself. he's in critical but stable condition. his name is not being released until he's charged. the victim is identified as 45- year-old kathleen washington. investigators are awaiting autopsy results to determine how any she died. days after a major raid on a cigarette smuggling ring, wjz has learned that two brothers arrested are from ocean city, maryland. they may have funneled money to terror groups. rochelle richie has more. >> reporter: those brothers facing a slew of charges, including enterprise corruption. they were arrested at their ocean city home. authorities say they were living a simple and unsuspecting lifestyle. >> reporter: it is the most profitable cigarette smuggling
ring new york police say they've seen in a longe time, an investigation started because of the continued hundred for the terrorists. >> we discovered that individuals who were on our radar for links to known terrorists were engaged in a massive raid on the new york state treasury in the form of cigarette tax avoidance. >> reporter: the alleged masterminds, two palestinian immigrants. they have possible commissions to the blind sheikh serving a life sentence for his role in a 1993 plot to carry out attacks in new york city. >> we know they've been used in the past to support terrorist groups and otherwise in the world. >> reporter: the brothers and 14 other suspects formed a lucrative illegal operation, buying large amounts from a cigarette bhoal saler. an accomplice in the n new york would then drive thousands of miles to delaware and give the
brothers cash for the cigarettes. >> cigarette smuggling can produce big profits with well reeltively low risk. >> reporter: the brothers made $55 million in illegal cigarette sales, costing the state of new york $80 million in lost profit. >> we're going make sure there are no businesses in maryland that are associated with these two individuals. >> reporter: but wjz has learned samri ramadan owned 7 businesses in ocean city the millions of dollars are in the custody of new york police, and investigators are following its trail. >> we're following the money and will work to track it down wherever it went. >> reporter: the brothers will be extradited back to new york to face charges. >> big operation there. $2 million in cash was found at the brother's home. it's believed they deposited the rest of the illegal earnings at small financial institutions in ocean city. a big moment for a
baltimore religious leader. a new bishop is sworn in. he was sworn in this morning at the higher dimensions christian center. a lot of parishioners on hand for the program, which included singing hymns and readings. maybe you are 1 in 175 million. those are the odds you have of winning tonight's power ball. the record jackpot sits at an astronomical $600 million. can you imagine could wanting that? tim williams has more. >> reporter: here's the question. how much money do you need to be happy? >> i need about $8:00,000, and bill good. >> reporter: for most, winning saturday night's $600 million power ball jackpot is the key tone joying life's pleasures. >> go on a massive around the world trip with my friends. >> reporter: or solving life's problems. >> i would give it to dr. carson's carrots. >> reporter: or deciding how
life would change. >> i'll let you know. >> reporter: nationwide sales pubbed this jackpot to a record- breaking $600 million. it's the largest jackpot ever, and the sec-largest in united states history. >> it's fantastic. there's a small chance. but like they say, if you done buy a ticket, you don't have a chance. >> reporter: the chance of winning is now about 1 in 175 million. you want the lump sum, the cash option is $376.the 9 million. >> ly quit my job first of all. >> reporter: which brings us back to the initial question. >> ki win $1 million and be happy. >> reporter: we should all be so lucky. >> grab your tickets. give them a look. i have the winning numbers here. i'll keep reading the news, was because i don't have them. here are the lucky winning numbers. they are 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and power ball is 11. it's 10, 13, 14, 22, 52, and
again, the power ball is 11. i hope someone out there in maryland wins this tonight. that would be so goal cool. two ravens players send their saturday night gambling not on the power ball, but in a deist way joe flacco and gee know grankowski joined special olympics athletes for a casino night. several other athlete and local celebrities made appearances in the event. we have a lot more to come on the news. flames break out when a blain hit the runway in moscow. a home invasion ends in death, a young girl killed. police shoot the suspect. how this all went down. and an unlikely graduation, this student once jailed on controversial molestation charges is now given a second chance. >> a shot at house of cards,
thousands of actors answer the casting call, like lincoln here. >> we're about 1 month away from summerrer. but how summer-like will we be feeling? ville details coming up in your complete first weather forecast. ,,,,,,
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it is foggy out there and
some light drizzle in central maryland. chelsea will have the live forecast. first, plane carrying 140 people crashes in moscow. the landing gear malfunctioned and caught fire on the runway. you see passengers jumping off the wings of the plane and down the evacuation slides. stunning new details about a botched home invasion that left a college student debted in quia new york. a gunman forced his way in a locked campus home. police responded, and that's when police say an officer accidently shot and killed 21- year-old andrea robello. several other students were escaped unharmed. a georgia man is graduating from morehouse college this weekend. it's a graduation that almost didn't happen. when he was just 17 years old, he was in prison for having
consent yum sex with another teenager. it was videotaped and got national attention for a controversial molestation law in georgia. his sentence was enterally overturned and wilson was freed. wilson calls the entire ordeal a major learning experience. >> i just say i can't believe i did that type of behavior, because i don't condone that type of behavior. i just had to fight for what i believe was right. >> willson will graduate from morehouse tomorrow. he's engaged and has a beautiful 2 month old daughter. popular area restaurant says thank you to our nation's armed forces with a meal on the house mission barbecue held a lunch with the heroes event in honor of armed forces day. this was up in perry hall. the eatery served free pulled pork, price credits, and turkey sandwiches. the restaurant also added
$10,000 for the wounded warrior project. the head political drama how was cards is returning to maryland. before the cast begins filming, they need more actors and extras. gigi barnettics plains that hundreds of hopefuls are answering the open call. >> reporter: when the hit political drama how was cards announced it was returning to film a second season in maryland, casting directors put out the call for actors and extras. this is the result. >> there's a loft talent in maryland. when you just walk along the streets, you find so many people that have so much talent. >> reporter: actors lined up at the bel air armory for hours this weekend. >> i thought there would would be a long line. i didn't know how long it would be. >> reporter: a head shot or a picture and resume is all they needed. >> this was a fun opportunity to be a part of. >> reporter: and having the production in the state paid off for maryland. house of cards generated more
than $140 million, created at least 2400 jobs and did business with 1800 local vendors. that's why the state has rolled out the red carpet for the crew. >> kevin spacey and the create overt series were raving about shooting in maryland and baltimore. they're very happy to be back here. >> reporter: casting directors are expecting at least 1,000 actors today. while many of them are from maryland, many of them drove the difference distance to get a shot at how was cards. >> i'm shuddering at hearing this. i had no idea. >> reporter: all hoping to make a break. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> filming for the first season of house of cards began in january of last year. i think you can kind of sweep i know where that building is, i foe that. glyph walked there. >> they shot a little something in a restaurant near my house. but they changed the name of
it. -- the nave niefl. >> i should have ran across. there was a lot of drizzle out there. it was damp and gross. >> it's not ideal. however, we will get some breaks in the drizzle and in the clouds too as we head into tomorrow. still looking at a messy day, certainly not an ideal situation. we're at 59 degrees in baltimore, 61 in d.c. we're not going to change too much from these temperatures. winds are out of the east or at least have an easterly component. so what that's zoing that's still continuing to pull in that moisture from the atlanta wick which is helping to provide us with this cloud cover. we will be there tomorrow.
we will have a very organized pressure of high pressure. it's just stall stalled towards our south. as we move into tomorrow, that will help filter through the warm front. we'll be feeling very summer- like as we head into the beginning of the next week. we'll have a thunderstorm or two, especially for the beginning of the week. certainly summer-like temperatures moving in for us. let me take you through your monday. we're going see the chance for rain shower, ena few thunderstorms linger around. that warm front will lift to our north. it's going to facilitier in that warmer air. before you know it, we'll be in the mid and upper 80s next week. that's right. it is certainly going be feeling like summertime. 65 degrees. that's the bay temperature. we have a small crafted a
viefully effect, winds 10 to 15 knots. here's your low temperature around 58 degrees, mostly cloudy with a couple of showers around. 70 degrees, mostly loudy with a shower or 2. easter a look at the next 5 days. look at these temperatures, 86 by tuesday, 87 wednesday, a chance for showers and thunderstorms on wednesday as well. how's that sound, adam? >> better than this, chelsea. stay with us. coming up next, another look at 138th running of the preakness stakes. preakness stakes. the big ,,,,
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did you say, "berry"? no. yeah. the new berry blast coolatta is bursting with pomegranate and blueberry flavor. grab any small for $1.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. stand's here with our wjz the fan sports report. not a bad finish for orb. >> but another year, another wait for a triple crown winner.
>> not since the 70s, right? >> yap yep. all of the buildup for kentucky derby winner orb all gone. the horse racing nation assured of no triple crown winner. but they are built like freight trains and run like the wind. down the stretch they come in a mile and 3/16ths dash for the finish line. oxbow beat it's my lucky atday at the finish line. rosy finished third in her preakness debut was aboard, slow starting. the belmont stakes in 2 more saturdays. for jockey gary stevens, the victory came easier than he thought it would. >> i kornt belove no, you challenged me in the far turn. when nobody did, i said i think
everyone's trouble now. >> and they were. baseball, the o's hosting the tampa bay rays. the birds actually led 4-zip at the without tom of the 4 preponderate jim johnson blew his second consecutive save. bye-bye baseball. rays unleash a 6-19th. sorry, the rays unleash that 9th, and the birds lose 10-6. jim johnson having his woes today. here's a reminder, folk. it's masn on wjz. watch the series finale. and how about those whelm of the -- and how about those women of the university of maryland? their lacrosse team beat duke tonight, 20-9. they've punched their toict a 9th straight national companionship game, it will be terps against syracuse.
finally, nba playoffs. carmello anthony of the new york knicks, hitting the 94th point dueness indiana had he had 39 in a losing cause, because lance stevenson had a career night. the pacers eliminate the knicks, 106-99. so now it's the knicks and the miami heat in the eastern... why did i say knicks? it's the pacers and the knicks in the eastern conference finals. >> stand, thanks so much. we'll be right back. coming up, privacy for the putt. putt. why a golfer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
pro golf players usually play the ball where it lands, but sometimes, that's easier said aid than done. >> turn away, everyone, please. >> this golfer ended up putting that ball, check this out, right inside the course bathroom. he tried to find a way around the on structs. he evenly took a 1-stroke penalty to drop it on the grass. i think he should have ,,,,,,,,,
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